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Send via phone number // Instant transfers // View BTC chart // Receive TRC20 // 0% fee // Download iOS app // Earn up to 0% APY // E-mail crypto transfers // Invest USDT // Receive by a nickname // Scan QR to pay // Secure crypto storage // Get up to 20% fee cashback // Download Android app // Transfer in 5 networks // Send BEP20 tokens // Easy sign up // Store BTC // Monitor crypto prices // Receive earnings daily // Invite referrals // Raise crypto via link // Localized to 7 languages //
Take and use liquid crypto

Take and use liquid crypto

Leave your HODLings as a collateral
Ensure your collateral safety

Ensure your collateral safety

Visual tool for watching and adjusting the LTV level
Use money as much time as you want

Use money as much time as you want

Flexible terms, no time limits to repay

More features

Raise your crypto .Daily. Steadily
Store crypto safely


What is Loan?

Loan is a flexible terms crypto borrowing service.

What crypto can I borrow?

You can borrow Tether USD (USDT) for now. We work on widening the list of loanable crypto.

How to repay?

Go to the loan details and click ‘Repay’. You can pay partially or the whole loan amount.

I’ve repaid my loan. Why collateral haven’t been unlocked?

Check whether you have repaid the interest accrued. Your collateral will be unlocked after you repay the whole loan amount including the interest accrued.

How is my loan funded?

Loans are funded by assets deposited in Cropty Earn service.